Construction of Ashtabhairava Temple

Construction of Ashtabhairava Temple

Construction of Ashtabhairava Temple

The AshtaBhairava Temple is designed in a unique-ness with the main deity being the Shiv Ling being seated in the centre of the Ashtabhairava seated on the eight sides in a octagon shaped. The main deity i.e., the Shiva Lingam is a Panchamukha will be planned at Gharbhalayam which would be completely made of stone carved temple occupying 25’ ft height, 25’ ft width, & 25’ft length. Construction the main deity of Panchamukha Shiva Lingam is planned with architectural beauty.

The architecture of the temple is designed in such a way that it should significance its uniqueness in the modern era. Above Gharbhalayam, the main temple gopuram would be 48’ fts in height, whose architecture reflects the North & South India Tradition. It is being planned in such a way that it reflects the majestic grandiose of the North Indian architecture and the simplicity of South Indian architecture.

As explained in the History of temple, The architecture of proposed temple is designed based on Divine instructions from Lord Bhairava from time to time in the dreams of Mr.Rajashekar Thallapally.

Very old temple of Kalabhairava was renovated and build new temple in the year 2010. After construction of new temple Mr.Rajashekar started getting various visuals about Bhairava and also receiving instructions from him; with regarding to that place and temple. It is divine act that Lord Bhairava directed to build “Ashtabhairava Temple” at Kajipally, Where the old Bhairava temple was renovated. Apart from 8 forms of Bhairavas, Lord Bhairava directed to install “Panchamukha Shiva Lingam” inthe middle of 8 Bhairava temples. He also defined height of Shiva Lingam and structure of Middle Temple. The divine instructions transformed into Architecture of temple.

To build spacious construction of temple, it is occupying approximately as area of 2 Acres of Land. As dipictedAshtabhairava being seated on eight sides of the Shiva Temple in Octagon shape. The importance of shiva lingam is “Panchamukha Shiva Lingam”, which represents Tatpurusha, Aghora, Sadyojata, Vamadeva and Ishana. The height of the Shiva Lingam also designed as per divine instruments in dream

Shiva Lingam height would be if 12 | . 6 |

Banam + 6

Panavattam approximately 18 | . 8

Surrounding Shiva Temple – 8 Bhairava Temples

will be built in South Indian Style, each bhairava shall be seated along with his consort.

K Sirisha ( Advocate )