As per Hindu Mythology – temples are considered as regenerating positive energy centre that helps in eradicating the negative vibrations that surrounds an individual which in return effects ones thought. The main reason being is – the traditional and scientific methods opted by people in construction of Temples as per Hindu Mythology. Thus temples occupy an eminent role from ages on the lives of humans and most importantly Hindus. In the same manner the present Ashtabhairava architecture is planned with great devotion and dedication to create the same presence as that of other Lord Shiva temples the place of peace.

As such a huge project of Lord Shiva temple cannot be constructed by one individual alone, the devotees moral, spiritual and financial strong support is very essential for the construction of the said temple and be an instrument to fulfill this Divine Temple. And for the said purpose, the Committee of Trustees of ShriAshtabhairavaDevasthanam has also decided to involve more number of devotees to give an opportunity to number of people to participate in construction activity. The involvement of more people gives the benefits to number of devotees now and in the future. The said thought process have paved the way for inviting donations from the interested devotees and volunteers.

Single Pillar


The temple architecture is designed with 108 pillars, spread over approximately 30,000 Sq. Feet area. Each pillar is strengthened by using quality steel and concreate with an intention to give life for more than 500 years. Based on ground level, the height of each pillar varies, the pillars height approximately 25 to 30 feet. Each pillar will be carved with different design depicting various types of Bhairavas with his consorts. Apart from the same, architectural carving will be done on each pillar to make the place more beautiful.

We are inviting the donation from four people for each pillar to the tune of Rs.1,00,116/- (Rupees One Lakh One Hundred Sixteen Only), who ever donates Rs.1,00,116/- (Rupees One Lakh One Hundred Sixteen Only) their names will be carved on stone and placed one side of the Pillar.

Permanent Membership


We are inviting devotees as permanent members to sail with us for their entire life time in developing the present temple from this pillar stage to till its completion. We are extending various benefits to the permanent members, such as:

  • * Carving their name and details on stone and displaying in the temple  premises.
  • * Issuing membership certificate in the prescribed format recognizing them as a permanent members.
  • * Conducting Pooja on the date of special occasions noted by the devotees.
  • * Providing accommodation facility after the completion of temple during  their stay at temple irrespective of number of visits.
  • * Conducting Pooja on their names on each and every annual  celebrations during their entire life time.
  • * Information bulletin will be sent to the members on each and every occasions / event in the temple.

PanchamukhaMaha Shiva Lingam


The main deity in the temple is Panchamukha Shiva lingam, this decision was taken based on divine instructions. The temple consists entrance from four directions, east side face of shiva as Tathpurusha,  south side face of shiva as Aghora, west side face of shiva as Sadyojatha, north side face of shiva as Vamadeva, another form of shiva as Eeshana which looks towards the sky. The height of the Shivalingam is decided as 12 feet 6 inches as “Banam” and 6 feet “Panavattam”, in to the height of PanchamukhaShivalingam would be 18 feet 6 inches. The entire stone was taken from Kanchishila and the same thing is molded as a deity in the hands of experienced sculptures, who all are situated at Mahabali, Tamilnadu.

The temple committee is inviting the donations towards the cost of Panchamukha Shiva linga minimum Rs.10,116/- (Rupees Ten Thousand One Hundred Sixteen Only) as one unit, approximately from 500 people. The name of donors of the Shivalingam would be carved on stone, the same will be displayed on prominent places of the temple and they will be given preference upon their visit to the temple. Apart from the same, a certificate will be issued by the Trust as a token of appreciation recognizing their donations.

Core Temple


The Panchamukha Shiva Lingam will be installed in the core temple which is situated center point of any temple layout. As before mentioned, the temple consists four entrances. This entire temple is built with stone depicting sixty four (64) forms of and eleven (11) incarnations of Shiva. The stone is selected as the black colour. The sculptures are deployed from Tamilnadu, building the core temple of Architectural beauty and significance. This core temple is planned its life time as thousand years. As such, there is no pillar in between the walls. The size of the temple is 25 feet width, 25 feet length and 25 feet height (approximately). The cost involved for building this stone carved temple is Rs.2,50,00,000/- (Rupees Two Crores Fifty Lakhs Only) approximately. The temple committee has decided to invite the donations for core temple is Rs.1,00,116/- (Rupees One Lakh One Hundred Sixteen Only) from each donor upto 250 members. The names of the donors will be displayed by carving on the stone (permanently) on the temple wall and various privileges will be given to the donors.

One Bhairava Temple


Each Bhairava Temple is structured as per “Agama Shastra” and the temple is built completely with stone carving. Each temple is costing approximately Rs.30,01,116/- (Rupees Thirty Lakhs One Thousand One Hundred Sixteen nly) in total. The committee has decided that if any donor is interested to contribute for the entire temple, the temple will be built on their name and they will possess all the rights towards the same. Apart from that the donor of the temple will be treated as a member of the trust, all the privileges would be provided on par with other trustees of the temple trust. Alternatively, we would like to extend the opportunity to the six members who can contribute Rs.5,01,116/- (Rupees Five Lakhs One Thousand One Hundred Sixteen Only) equally and the trust will provide various privileges to the donors apart from displaying their name on the temple. Apart from giving privileges, day to day rituals to the deity will be conducted on their names.

There are Eight Bhairava Temples which consists AsithaangaBhairava Temple, RuruBhairava Temple, ChandaBhairava Temple, KrodhaBhairava Temple, UnmathhaBhairava Temple, BheeshanaBhairava Temple, SamharaBhairava Temple. As such, the cost of constructing these temples is Rs.30,01,116/- (Rupees Thirty Lakhs One Thousand One Hundred Sixteen Only) x 8 Temples is Rs.2,40,01,116/- (Rupees Two Crores Forty Lakhs One Thousand One Hundred Sixteen Only).


One Square Foot


The entire slab area of the temple is approximately 30,000 Sq. Feet. The temple committee has decided to extend opportunity to more member of people and to involve huge number of devotees in building this sacred temple, hence inviting the donors who can contribute Rs.5,116/- (Rupees Five Thousand One Hundred and Sixteen Only) as their share in building the temple complex. The donated amount will be used for construction of one square foot. Their names will be carved on stone and placed in the temple premises (permanently).

In General

As we are building a temple which is a common place for each and every individual, if somebody coming forward with a great devotion to extend their hand as a donee we would like to accept even Rs.501/- (Rupees Five Hundred and One Only) as a donor.

Who ever contributing irrespective of the quantum of amount, their names will be displayed in the temple premises as they are extending their hands in building the temple at this stage.