Temple History

In the year 2008 an old temple was discovered in disfigured state standing on a stone surrounded by 4 small pillars in a village called Kajipally the said village is situated 9 kilometers away from Medak district. The temple was abandoned for the last 200 to 300 years, there were no rituals being performed as per Agama Shastra. The villagers used to call the temple as LakkakulaPochamma not knowing the true identity of the said deity. With the help of a spiritual guru, the deity in the said temple was identified as the idle of Lord Kalabhairava. It was then the villagers of Kajipally understood that the temple was of Lord Kala Bhairava – the spiritual guru instructed Mr. ThallapallyRajashekar to rejuvenate the temple. And taking the instruction of the spiritual guru as a divine admonition(divine word of advice), Mr. ThallapallyRajashekar started renovating the temple with his own earnings.

From the period of discovered the temple i.e., in 2008 till the period of erecting a formal structure that is presently shown was completed in the year 2010 – Mr. ThallapallyRajashekar had been sensing divine instruction in the form of his dreams with regard to the temple constructions. And on 10th December 2010 in the new temple the PranaPrathishta (Installation of idol) of the Lord Kala Bhairava had taken place and followed by three days of Kala BhairavaBrahmotsavam was conducted. And from the said date, every year the Annual Celebrations i.e., Brahmotsavalu are being conducted without fail for last 7 years.

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